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At a frozen beach by the fjord

Same place and time with another angle (credits to a friendly guy/couple I met by coincidence).

Homo Gratus

Cool moments with warm beings.


If Paris were a body part it would to no surprise be the heart. Imagine how many hearts have been broken and wandered through the lights of this city. view more of PARIS… (more…)

A vertical view of Barcelona

“City test” – was is that? It’s how ambient, beautiful or just interesting a city is even it rains. Barcelona fails. Big time. Admittingly, our expectations were high, due to all our friends high praises, but it’s a tourist trap and just over hyped. And the citizens pay the price of the tourist swarms. (more…)

Photo-blindness because of a Snake’s head

Always a nightmare chosing the right darkroom settings/after-processing. Especially when you have lots of pictures and lots of settings. Multiplicating that means too many options and in the end what I call total photo-blindness. What to do? 3 things: know thyself… as a photographer; what is your expression! restrict yourself… practice and focus. respect your…

Jens Augustenborg

[dropcap style=”no-background”] A [/dropcap]very good friend of mine stopped by to get his head shot with my lenses. We finished the boring stuff – corporate images – and went on to show his… (more…)


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