Photo-blindness because of a Snake’s head

Photo-blindness because of a Snake’s head

Always a nightmare chosing the right darkroom settings/after-processing. Especially when you have lots of pictures and lots of settings. Multiplicating that means too many options and in the end what I call total photo-blindness.

What to do? 3 things:

  1. know thyself… as a photographer; what is your expression!
  2. restrict yourself… practice and focus.
  3. respect your subject… in the danish film industry, to much regret of the creators of film technology endlessly trying to create true colors, the term Dogma 95 was coined. In other words, fuck filters (pardon my french, but I guess that’s what Trier would have said).

So… please comment on what’s your favorite image of the three?

Or maybe the original?

IMGP0834 by .







The tale of the snake 🙂

Hey you, appreciate your feedback. Thx 🙂

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